We have these services to offer.


Rent the house at Vidöstern, including our boat(s)

We have a great family home for hire, including our boat(s) at the lakeside of Vidöstern.

This modern house is located directly at the lakeside of Vidöstern. It is a nice family home and has room for 6 people; 4 in the main house and 2 in the stuga on the property.

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Only rent the boat

You search for and rent the holiday home of your choice on the water side.

Yes, with almost every Swedish house on the water side you can rent a boat from the owner, but is that boat also suitable for predator fishing?!? Mostly not…

Additionally you rent the predator fishing boat from us to complete your fishing holiday.

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General service area

We deliver our boats to all waters within the indicated area on the map below, provided there is a slipway nearby and the boat can be safely docked near the house.

If you want to rent the boat for waters outside this area, that is also possible, but with a surcharge to the original rental price.

List of the some of the lakes within this area:

  • Vidöstern
  • Bolmen
  • Flåren
  • Furen
  • Rymmen
  • Kösen
  • Exen
  • Ryssbysjön
  • Fenen
  • Möckeln
  • Salen
  • Helgasjön

The acceptance of the desired delivery location is always after consultation with VFS.



Guided introduction to the lake

If you are interested you can have a guide take you out on the water for a half or a whole day to show you around the lake.

Contact us for more information.