Who is Viking Fishing Sweden?!?

Krista JanssenWho is Viking Fishing Sweden?!? Maybe it’s time to introduce myself… Who is the face behind this company?

My name is Krista Janssen, I am the wife of Mano Janssen who is known by many of you as a passionate angler and fishing guide.
I am the entrepreneur of the two of us. In the Netherlands I ran a successful IT-business and after our move to Sweden I also wanted to start a business here and that has become Viking Fishing Sweden.

Mano is a fanatic fisherman and during our fishing holidays throughout Europe I saw and experienced what the offer of rental boats is.
Especially in pike, pike-perch and perch fishing I missed the option to independently rent a predator fishing boat. This was only possible in combination with a guide, which can easily get quite costly.
From these experiences the idea has arisen to provide for this myself, because good material is half the (fishing)work!

This is the origin of my new company. Thank you for reading. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask and you’ll receive an answer as soon as possible. I hope to see you in Sweden!

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The construction of the first boat is complete,
now it’s time for the finishing touch: mounting all it’s gear!!

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