Terms and Conditions

This is an overview of the general terms and conditions &
the boat-code of conduct for Viking Fishing Sweden

  • Boat issue on Saturday around 15:00
  • On the trailer
  • Joint inspection
  • Go through the checklist
  • Explanation of the operation of the boat and accessories


  • Boat intake on Saturday around 09:00
  • On the trailer
  • Joint inspection
  • Go through the checklist


  • The local fishing license can be purchased online or via the iFiske app, without a license the boat will not be issued. VFS can assist you on the spot with the purchase of this permit.


  • The tenant is expected to handle the boat and all accessories with care.
    In the event of damage and/or loss, this will be settled with the tenant via the VFS price list.


  • In case of damage, the deposit is withheld according to the VFS price list.
    If the damage amount is higher than the deposit, the difference will be charged to the tenant.


  • In the event of not using the boat, the tenant will store all loose materials in the cabinets, remove the Humminbird fishfinder completely with bag from the boat and check whether the boat has been neatly docked and then locked.


  • The boat is delivered with a full petrol tank and full reserve tank, these are expected to be fully refuelled. Refuelling by VFS means a higher petrol price, see VFS price list.


  • No pets allowed in the boat.


  • Driving a boat under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs is strictly prohibited and can lead to criminal prosecution in Sweden.


  • You are renting a predator fishing boat and not a speedboat; always drive cautiously! Hazardous rock formations below the water surface are present in all waters and can cause serious damage to the boat and people.


  • Keep to the fishing and licensing rules of the water.


  • Respect man, nature and the quiet environment.


  • In the case of self-caused damage, no replacement boat is available.


  • The tenant is responsible for all damages caused.


  • The boat and all materials must be returned clean, the batteries must be charged and petrol tanks filled.


  • In case of problems, questions and/or unclarities;
    contact VFS directly via telephone / whatsapp: 0046(0)73 5567 414.


  • In the event of a violation of these rules, Viking Fishing Sweden reserves the right to take the rented boat irrevocably at all times, without financial compensation or further obligations to the tenant.